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Thread: lifted with bags?

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    lifted with bags?

    blazers gonna get lifted but i wanna get air bags for it. how would this work anyone know any info? i can only get ideas from magazines that have lifted trucks that are bagged, but those are kinda rar ebut i think its a dope idea. superior ride anyway. it would be even better to get like bigger bags for added lift, like the ones semis use. oh man the possibilities... anyone know anything or got ideas?

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    This truck is bagged:

    Here is a link to a movie showin off its abilities:

    I don't know much about it. Devious Customs did it.

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    You know how cement trucks have a wider front tire than a normal rig? You should get 4 of those and a nice set of Alcoa 22.5" chrome rims. Just get some front rotors for a semi truck and make adapters so you can bolt on the BIG rims! It would look way better than a 15X10 and some 33" mudders. Dodge put dubs and fats on their new Rams so why not?

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    i dont like jacked up trucks, but that truck in the video is fucking sweet!
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    Semi's have big bags.. but they dont go up and down quite as far as bags you can buy just to bag a ride.. the bags under semi's are good for a good ride.. but also used to just bring the back down a lil or up to hook up to a trailer

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