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Thread: wiring harness?

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    wiring harness?

    I have a 1986 2 wheel drive blazer. It used to have a fuel injected 2.8 in it. I finished tearing it out and i want to get rid of the wire harness. I traced it back to the fuse box and removed it from the truck. What wires do I need to put back and how do I remove the wires that i don't need anymore. A carburated 350/turbo350 it going in it.
    I know I need to leave the wires for the lights in the front and for the starter. Do I just cut the rest of the wires off at the fuse box?

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    My best advice to you is don't cut any wires until the V8 is in and running! That way you can see whats hooked up and what isnt, and then start cutting.

    Basically, you need your ignition wires, starter wire, alternator wires, any electric gauges you are keeping.
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