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Thread: dropped but wanting more

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    dropped but wanting more

    Hey Slim never mind the 650 dr. I saw it on one of your posts to me. I dropped the Blaz last night and it was strange. The bolt on the drivers side turned 13 times and the passenger side turned only 7 times. they both came all the way out so I'm putting them back in with a few turns tonight. It didn't make a big difference. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10) being the best what is the ride quality of that big 6 inch drop? Will it effect my boat towing? :rolleyes:
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    The t-bar trick ride quality (if you crank the bolts all the way up) I would rate it about 4-5. That's on mine, I didn't have any bumpstops or drop shocks, which would make a big difference.
    I did it to Trigga's blaze, so lets see if he rates the ride.
    It's shouldn't affect towing, but I have never towed anything with mine.
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    wheres this bolt that you tighten? i know nothing about where shit is! or what i'm taklin about most the time..

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