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Thread: how did most of you get your v-8

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    Question how did most of you get your v-8

    I'm tired of all my friends beating my 4.3 with there strokers and nailheads so I was wondering how you acquired your v-8. I dont have too much money so what's the best way to get or build one?

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    I bought a complete core for $200 and with exchange of my blown 4.3, it only had a cracked head so I bought a good one for $35, had it rebuilt and voila

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    My neighbor and good friend was tired of the low MPG of his truck (81 3/4 ton with a crate motor from 1996 that was made for the 79-84 pickups) because he had to drive everyday.. Truck wasn't in great shape, but the motor was.. He wanted $300 for the truck, w/ everything included.. Well, I told him about partin it out and junkyards and stuff, I gave him $100 for the motor, another guy gave him $100 for the tranny and he got the rest either sold or to the Jyard, he made $650, I got a good engine for $100 :D
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    How i ended up with my V8 was when i bought my Blazer, the guy had intended on putting a SB in it, but never did.... He had about 5 350 blocks that he threw them in with the Blazer, or well just told me if i wanted them to get them out of his way.... All Virgin blocks, so i ended up with all of them and even a set of 365 horse double humps at no cost... And only gave $500 for the Blazer... But now have one of the 350 blocks setting on the motor stand thats been transformed into a 388 Stroker..... Thats not finished yet and is not going in a S-Series:nono: ...

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    mine is a jasper crate engine 300hp 1700$
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    ha ha mine came stock

    lol, well it did.....
    Originally posted by Slamd_sdime
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    Being the son of an ex-drag racer is a very nice tool.
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    I got my 305 for free. It was really oily and i was told it just needed a tune up. Now i have put $2200 into it.

    I am about to buy a 327 that runs perfect for $300. A guy i know just took it out of a 67 camaro and dropped a 350 in it.
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    My brother in law got me mine and did the initial swap too I had to give my blown up 4.3 plus cash for all parts needed for the rebuild and swap.Plus I gave his buddy some cash for doing most of the work.
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    when I got my blaz the motor wasnt in yet and ended up being bad... so my boss at work was moving and didnt wanna take the motors with him, so he told me i can have them if i come get em... got a 355 that was bad (motor got submerged) and a fresh block and all the parts for a rebuild... new... all i had to do was get the heads cleaned up, and was good to go...
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    i got a good block from my dads wrecker, took it to an engine shop and had i torn apart/cleaned/bored/and rebuilt to a 358

    then me and some buddies set her in, all in my home made tarp shop next to my house lol and in THE WINTER! i had to go buy three propane heaters to keep the place warm enough to work in lol

    if it wasnt for friends beer and pot... it would have taken a hell of alot longer then 3 months *weekends only...*

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