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Thread: Quality of RVM wheels????

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    My only complaint was they didn't have the wheels I won on ebay.
    The place is mad sketchy because its a back alley in long island, and its just a bunch of kids and mexicans.
    It is a very nice part of LI though, only its an industry park. I was carrying.
    The guy in the bay didn't speak any english.
    Heavy wheel, nice looking to me.

    I hate my truck.

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    my friend bought 20's from them, and when he got them there was a problem with one wheel and the ebay company said that they are on back order because they order them from china and he's been waiting for almost 5 months

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    i got a set of 17's from them the only complaint is that they don't know anything about offset. i asked them if the rims were for 2wd or 4x4 and they are like they will fit both. i was like ohh kk..... right.......
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    1 /Ebay user "dohccivicna1250" = SCAMMER!

    These guys are EXTREMELY DISHONEST!
    I won an Ebay action for some wheels & tires.
    I said I'd have FedEx pick up on my account,
    but then they insisted they ship via UPS at the’s inflated price of course...
    So I paid them, they said they'd ship,
    after a week I requested the tracking # for my wheels,
    then they said "UPS lost them" and threatened to leave "worse feedback" if I left a negative.
    I smelled a SCAM but gave the benefit of the doubt,
    so I again requested tracking number, and STILL they did not provide and threatened again about feedback. I HAVE ALL THE EMAILS FROM THEM TO PROVE IT!
    I called them, "Dean" who I spoke to I feel was LYING when he said he had no idea and had to check in to it, and he never did call back after my 2 calls there.
    So I called UPS and was able to determine that NO packages addressed to me ever left RVM, nor was a tracking number ever created!
    RVM lied because they decided to keep the wheels/tires that were mine and I PAID for! And to this date/time I have NOT received a refund!
    Ebay dispute/complaint filed and Paypal dispute in process!
    I left negative feedback to warn others, and RVM replied saying I paid with a STOLEN CREDIT CARD! Can you believe the nerve of this little SOB!
    I paid using PAYPAL and my credit card is BACKUP payment and my credit card is certainly GOOD or I’d no longer have a Paypal account! Paypal certainly would not let a user have a stolen card on file, I only have the 1 card on file and it’s been since I opened my account over 6 months ago, hundreds of transactions can be wrong.
    Simply put / Ebay user dohccivicna1250 is a LIAR! And SCAMMER!

    Read user ID is “dohccivicna1250” and READ the 52+ NEGATIVE feedbacks on Ebay, you’ll see they operate dishonestly and do not care about the customer = BUYER BEWARE of = Ebay user “dohccivicna1250”
    and keep in mind they threaten to leave worse negative feedback in return so many burned buyers likely do not leave feedback about them.

    The more I search the more I find on this scammer!
    See what others had to say;
    LOOK >>>

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