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Thread: Whatcha Got?!?

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    Whatcha Got?!?

    i know this was in the last forum...and since it got deleted ill start it up again!

    what kinda blazer ya'll got?

    92 s10
    4.3l Vortech CPI engine
    stock tranny
    4 wheel drive
    new high capacity fuel system
    MSD ignition w/ BLASTER GM coil
    ACCEL wires/cap/rotor
    splitfire plugs!

    kinda get down to the innards...but hey
    thats what this place is all about!

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    I have a '89 s-10 blazer it has everything stock in it(except the stereo) for now till i get enough money to costumize it it has a 4.3L engine. i plan on getting it lowered and getting rims pretty soon

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    My S-10 fleet is gone... s10blazed's Avatar
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    Near Pittsburgh, PA

    I got this:

    -stock 2.8 v6 (ugg, I know)

    -Sprayed it all black from being 2 tone black and grey
    -Fiberglass rollpan
    -Purple underbody neons

    Near Future Mods Body Mods
    -New paint all over... deep shiny purple
    -Purple pearl too
    -Fixing ALL scratches and dings and shaving a few things here and there.
    -Molding my rollpan in with the rest of the truck

    -17x7 KMC Tramps
    -235/45/17 Yokohama Avid H4 rubbers

    -Re-upholstered the seats in leather
    -Misc neons under the dash and on rear wall
    -Chrome steering wheel

    -Pioneer DEH-8000 head unit
    -Clarion highs and mids on all 4 corners
    -Legacy tweeters (ugg, I know)
    -600 Watts for the subs by Crossfire
    -400 Watts going towards the mids and highs from Crunch
    -2 15" Atomic Apocalypse subs (better than you think)

    Here Is A Picture

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    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Cool What I have......

    Hey Guys...... Its cool to see what everone has, so I thought I'd post what I have to get into the loop with you all!

    '86 S-10 Blazer 2WD 400hp, built For N.O.S!!
    *98 Chevy 355
    -Vortec Heads
    -Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake
    -zz4 roller cam
    -gear drive
    -big block oil and fuel pump
    *Dual Electric Fans
    *True Dual 2.25'' Exhaust with Flowmasters 40 Series
    *Turbo 350 Tranny

    *Lift on/off hood with hood pins
    *Lowered 4 1/2'' all around
    *Upgraded '94 Chrome Grille
    *Chrome 15'' Crager Rims
    *Fiberglass Rear Rollpan
    *Red Underglow Neon Lights
    *Painted Yellow Primer (for now)
    *Shaved door handles, shaved roof rack
    *2 10'' Jensen Subs in a bandpass box
    *Sony Explode Deck
    *150 watt Optimus Amp.
    *Big Red Bowtie on Back
    *Tinted Windows

    Here is an old pic of my Blazer this summer before the new motor and paint! (Click on My Web Site)

    Email me for any questions....I'm more than happy to help!
    Blazin' 24 -355-

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    hey there, I have a 85 GMC Jimmy that i bought with a stock 2.5L 4 cylinder and first thing i did was swaping the 4 with a Chevy sb350 after blowing that engine and the second I now have a 350 pulled from a 1970 Corvette. with gas coming from a holly750. Ill put a picture on when i get it on disk

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    This Is Mine!!

    I've got a 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer 4X4 Tahoe package. It's got a 4.3L V6 underneath the hood. I have the alloy wheels with P225/75/R15 size tires. Its got 168K miles on it. It still runs great, I guess it is a real chevy. I bought it in Aug. 2000 for 1200 bucks and I am slowly doing work to it. Since then I put on a push bar on the front. Some BAJA fog lights. I know this may sound dumb but i put on some cab lights. I want my truck to be lit up well at nught im not done with the lighting accessories yet. For the stereo I have a Jensen CD450K, with two pumping JL audio 15" subs with a 2000 watt Earthquake amp. I also have two mid range 8" running off a 200 watt orion cobalt amp. I'll tell you one thing I won two comps with this system. I am selling it for 1400 bucks I want to upgrade. I want to get an entire JL audio system.Well Thats what i got.

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    My Ride

    I have a 1984 S-10 Blazer, shaved body lines, handles, tailgate. I am currently in the process of dropping a 355 in it. It has been dropped 4/3 inches. It is painted pink panther pink. Handmade rollpan and front valance. It is a project in the works when I get it done I will post pics.


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    Cool My S-10 Blazer

    I've got a 1994 S-10 4-dr 2wd Blazer. It is green with the tan at the bottom. It has the 4.3l v-6. I has the tahoe package with all the leather inside. I am in the process of doing some of the inside with a leapord print . It has been lowered 4/4. It has the factory wheels on it. They are the Z-28 kind.

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    my 2000

    I have a Black 2000 2 door 4x4, i just put my 24,000th mile on it today. I have front and rear blackouts, no engine modifications YET!!. I'm looking into purchasing a Cervini's Ram Air Hood, and K&N Filtercharger. Eventually i'd like to swap the engine with a sb350, but thats way in the future.

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    The ONE and The ONLY BlazinBlue's Avatar
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    Broken Arrow,OK


    Hi i'm an owner of a 88 s-10 blazer.

    Stock 2.8 v6(Blown-up)

    spindals&springs for 4" up front
    4" blocks in back

    smoothed ft bumper
    shaved trim and logos
    smoothed roll pan
    shaved lugguge rack
    shaved antenna
    clear corner,turn,and break lights
    Chrome stock grille w/o emblem(call FBI $30)
    Crome light bezels

    16x8 CHEEP u.s. wheels
    BFGoodrich radial t/a

    Sony CDX-M600 head unit(SOLD)
    JVCs for mids and Highs
    800watt Legacy Amp
    Had 2 RF 12"(sold)

    coming soon-
    new BLUE paint job
    Mild chevy 355
    APC euro clears
    2.25inch cowl hood
    billet grille
    very custom built lexan window w/ license plate
    (call TCM)
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    Moonwalkin' Moderator Nitro18's Avatar
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    what is FBI?
    and how can i order from them???
    '92 S-10
    Vortec 4.3L CPI engine
    MSD ignition control unit
    ACCEL wires & components
    BLAZIN it down the streets of Bellmore

    MTX/Rockford Fosgate system
    280 watts of sub-pumpin power
    400 watts rippin those highs and mids
    all faced by a Pineer DEHP4100

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    The ONE and The ONLY BlazinBlue's Avatar
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    Broken Arrow,OK


    Well if your like me you subscribe to Truckn' and MiniTruckn' and I always search there ads for new parts. Fender Benders International ( FBI ) is a company that displays it's ad in MiniTruckin'. I have found it to be my favorite company yet so far. If you do not have a MiniTruckn' but you want there info you can call (877)FBI-MINI or visit there page at

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    I Have a Ford

    I have a Ford Bronco II 89, just bought it fo $200 last week, it doesn't run the engine caught fire. but the body and every thing else is excellent The only thing it is good for is to sell parts off of it so I can "pimp" out something much better than that useless ford. MY CHEVY S10 BLAZER. I HATE FORDS SOO MUCH the only eason I bought it is because I figured I could part it out and make a little extra cash. I made $800 bucks so far. A $600 profit not bad, The only things I sold so far was the two front fenders, the hood, windsheild the steering wheel and the passenger seat. I have someone coming over tomorrow that wants to buy the transmission, It has a brand new 4 spd tmanual tranny and I told the guy 650 and ill even put it in for him. Well that's what else I have and the only thing im doing with it is making some extra cash. BECAUSE I HATE FORDS, I AM A CHEVROLET TRUCK MAN!!!

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    Red face here it goes

    1987 blazer 4x4 2.8
    lowered 5 inches all around
    shaved body line, emblems, roof rack, roof seams, spare tire carrier, spoiler, front corners, molding, trim, door handles, key hole, gas door groove
    16" 2k1 firebird wheels 245 50 Good Years
    Cameo Air Dam
    Typhoon Grille W/billet insert
    clear bumper and tails
    SS mirrors
    molded in roll pan
    Pioneer Reciever and 12" sub in Bazooka tube MTX amp xplod 6.5s
    acura legend buckets sitting in the living room witing for time home to install
    some old pix i have
    btw it may still be on the gallery the black one in the forestcalled inthetrees i think

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    i got a 1985 Chevy S10 long bed. nothing too special.

    2.5L 4banger, 4 speed tranny, 1993 S-10 blazer bucket seats, recarpeted interior, Kenwood KDC-V7017 deck, 4 in clarions, 4x6 pioneers. it looks pretty decent. just wish there wasnt such a thing called rust. AHH. =) i'll get some pictures up. I got a 1987dash out of a blazer ready to go in.

    Once you see the pictures. Maybe i should do work to the outside before the inside. haha

    anyways, i'll get them here soon as my scanner wants to work.
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