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Thread: Whatcha Got?!?

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    non posting whore
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    Oct 2001
    88 s10 layed out like a slut....<onelow> (610) 960-2921

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    Portland, OR
    yo, 83 2wd Blaze white. currently lowering 5/5 beltech just waiting on the springz. (was going 3/4 but what the hell, i dont want to take it apart twice.)

    2.8v6...... only mods are paint! waiting for the 350 for the real mods!

    body mods WILL include shaved body lines, doors, suicide doors(anyone think that's whackt on a blaze?) and tail gate
    phantom grill, front air dam, body kit all the way round to the roll pan

    clears all the way round with led bulbs for the back
    all painted white are the mirrors, control arms callipers & drums

    interior, white gages, grant stering wheel soon to be custom dash/console

    Stereo, Pioneer deck & Changer, Eclipse 51/4's in the dash and tweets inside the mirror mounts on the doors, Eclipse 6x9's in back all on a 500 watt MTX Amp (sounds good but i dont like MTX) 4 RF 12's in a custom box that matches the tan interior and is a perfect fit and running on 2 RF 800.2's all 3 amps running off their own battery.

    wheels & Tires... uhh yeah.. i'll get back to you on that.... heh

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    hey, new poster, old reader, b4 there was a message board..
    i got an '89 blazer 4x4 tahoe package. dual exhaust, custom grille, chrome trim all along the bottom of the car. 4.3 v6 w/ 150k miles, only about 80k after being rebuilt, i got remote start/keyless, but my remote start wont friggin work and i dunno y. its got a marble blue and black paint job. pioneer head unit and pioneer 6x9's. stock rims.

    future mods:
    lowering 4/4 from belltech
    bagging after that
    hopefully gettin a system from slim ;)
    digital dash
    new interior (hopefully leather)
    new paint, glossy black or sum kind of dark/black paint
    sum rims, probly kmc

    umm thats all i can think of as of now, i'm sure i've got more i'll post later

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    I recently bought some new stuff with in the last week.=)Ok,lets start off with the Stereo:

    Eclispe Commander(1)
    51/2 Eclispe Comps(2)
    Eclispe tweeters(4)
    6x9's Eclispe Comps(2)
    RockFord Fosgate Power DVC (8)
    AudioBahn 1200 Watt HCA(3)
    AudioBahn 500 Watt (highs)-(1)
    MTX High-Pass/Low-Pass CrossOver(1)
    RockFord Fosgate Wireing and PowerCables/Ground
    Stinger 1 Farad 24Volt Capacitor(3)
    Stinger Dry Cell Batterey(1)
    Batterey Isolater(1)
    RockFord Fosgate FuseBlock(3)

    I decided to do all Eclispe Audio. Edit:11/05/01


    Just Tweeded Seats & Dash.

    Future Mods are as follwed:

    Full walk-thu cab.
    Matching firberglass topper
    18'' Niche Runners
    More Tweed! =)
    Tribal Paint & Graphics
    Big Engine=)!
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    Ohh ya and a 16 switch hydraulic steup,can't wait. Ummm Hydraulics suck!!!!

    Psssssttt...Got Bags? Bwhahahahahahahaha
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    surrounded by stupidity

    what i Got

    1991 S15 jimmy slx 2 door 2wd black in colour
    4.3 litre, 700R4 tranny both stock
    dual exhaust-dynomax superturbo muffflers. NO CAT
    air tilt cruise power windows,power locks,power mirrors,power hatch.
    digital dash.
    lowered 3/3 for now cause I still drive it in winter
    17" american eagle rims with 245 45 17 michelin rubber
    smoothed front bumper
    lund rollpan,ventvisors,
    shaved roof rack
    shaved tire rack off back tailgate.
    Euro clear tailights
    clear bumper and corner lenses
    philips color clear headlight from jc whitney(very cool and expensive) Can't buy them anymore so I replaced them with hella vision plus headlight conversion that uses 9003 bulbs. very bright just like an h.i.d. light.

    remote start/alarm=viper
    stereo =
    Chrome 180 amp alternator
    optima yellow top battery-0/1awg wire to 140amp circut breaker then to phoenix gold powercore (15 farad capicitor).
    4awg to phoenix gold MS2125 running 3 12" 4 ohm XS subs
    4awg to phoenix gold M100 running 2 8" 4 ohm XS subs one in each door
    8awg to phoenix gold M50 running a pair of phoenix gold zero points 6.5" mid and tweeter combo located in q-forms in the kick panels.
    alpine 7875
    phoenix gold pld1
    coustic xm5e 3 way crossover with remote bass control
    audio control esp3
    total watts = somewhere around 2500

    stereo hit 149.8 db last time out in september but I added the optima battery and powercore after that so I think it is louder now.

    I will try to get some pics for you but I don't have camera so I might buy a scanner and do it that way.
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    mine is...

    I had been looking for a s19 forever and i finally found one. I bought this Piece of shit s10 for 450 dollars. It really wasnt that bad it looked a little rough and it ran a little rough but everything was on it and i wasnt really worried about the body knowing that i can do some body work and what i cant my uncle can. So far ive fixed the rust and began the body work. I bought a set of wires for $150 for all four, yeah i know....wires but i needed rims and they really dont look that bad i think i kinda like them. I bought a Clear tails and corner lenses. Next paycheck im going to buy a new grill, bumper, and roll pan. then ill begin to drive it.

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    South NJ

    The ride

    I have an 85 Blazer Tahoe (limited) I dont know whats so special about it but here it is.

    2.8 v6 (yuck) I have the 4.3 vortec but not the time.
    4inch cowl hood
    steel french style roll pan
    97 update front end
    sliding glass windows
    white face gauges
    altezza tail lights
    stock aluminum rims just becuause i like them
    700r4 2nd stage shift kit
    camaro rear
    front bumper (smoothie)
    4 jl w3's
    quad bandpass box
    2 jl 600 full mofset
    2 fosgate power caps 16 volts
    - - - - -
    what will be done

    find a way to either out a 4 runner tail gate on or find
    power kits for the back window
    shave door handles electronic popper
    re-painted candy apple red.

    help me out on the power window or tail gate idea i have
    1985 Chevy s-10 Blazer 4x4
    2000 Chevy s-10 LS Standard Cab

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    You seem to have forgot something, DROP THAT SHIT!:cool:
    I like my trucks like I like my women; WHITE & SHAVED!

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    surrounded by stupidity

    97 front conversion

    originally posted by u_aint_REDie
    I have an 85 Chevy Blazer and Ive seen all over the place 97 updates (front end) to include bumber grill head lamp assembly and corner lenses. But I havent seen one with a price. If any ones selling one let me know

    you already claim to have this on your truck so why would you need to get a price and see if anyone is selling one?
    I've never heard of a 97 front conversion for a 1st gen blazer.
    Why don't you post some pics of your one of a kind blazer.

    Oh yeah also where do get white face gauges for a 85 blazer?
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    Toronto, Ontario
    Mines an 88 2wd

    bored over
    cam with a .480 lift
    Heads are double humps
    with 2.02, 1.60 valves
    Edelbrock single plane intake
    Holly 600cfm carb
    Hedmen shorty hedders
    Comp. ratio is 9.0/1

    Rebuilt 700r4
    Corvette solinoid
    2200 stall
    stage 2 shift kit

    lowered 3 up front
    spindles and springs
    lowered 3 in the back
    using blocks

    Body mods:
    I smoothed the front bumper
    mounted my fogs in it and
    frenched my plate in it

    Gone traded it for a winter beater
    Hey, it snows up here eh!

    Cooming sone:
    4.10 rear gears with posi
    paint including shaved handles
    and a welded in roll pan
    stereo again
    new 18" wheels to replace the camaro
    ones that I have now.

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    Senior Member u_aint_REDie's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    South NJ

    97 front

    I finaly found it about 4 days ago. On the web site posted many times, I ordered it 189$ and cant bolt it up Im thinking I need to shimm it a little to get the gap out, you should really read a little closer on what is going on, I have said where I got it and the price several times on forums also remember to keep track of the dates. and pictures will be posted as soon as I get it on there. first I have to replace my camera which was destroyed in the accident about a week ago with my brothers Xtreme, yes I totaled it 2 months after he got it. So I will post ASAP
    1985 Chevy s-10 Blazer 4x4
    2000 Chevy s-10 LS Standard Cab

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    lakewood washington
    Ive got a 91 blazer sport 2wd
    it came stock with 3.42 limited slip, which is pretty damn cool
    4.3 liter TBI all stock (flipped lid lol)
    stock 700r4
    Pioneer DEH-P6300
    future mods for motor
    6.3 liter 383 stroker 400 hp
    700 cfm carb
    rebuilt tranny
    high flow cat. with flowmaster 50 series (i think) one in dual out
    all leather seats front and back
    custom door panels and i guess you would call them rear panels also
    black lights
    custom plexiglass speaker plates made to replace stock mid speaker box (just finished in shop class this week!!)
    new carpet kit
    BM megashifter
    3 gauge pod
    2 10" kicker solobarics
    RF amp
    shaved body lines, roof rack, tire rack, door handles, tail gate latch
    new wheels
    3/4 belltech drop
    cowl hood
    FBI rollpan
    dual exhaust out the back
    black with white racing stripes
    tinted windows
    smooth bumper
    clear turn signals
    azetta (spelling) tail lights

    to bad the only way i can see this is in my head!!
    goal is before i graduate senior year... well see
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    2wd 91 blazer
    3.42 rear end
    4.3 TBI
    5-5 drop on the way with my 18 inch American Racing Nooz rims that i just got on...

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    V8 TPI 5 Speed Xtreme88Jimmy's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Oaks, PA


    Heres my ride
    Was born with a weak, gutless 2.8L V6, swapped it for a 1997 4.3 liter VORTEC with a Holley Throttle body,Edelbrock Performer Intake, Edlebrock Computer Chip, Accel 50,000 Volt coil, K&N Air Filter, No Emissions Shit, Flex Fan, MSD Igntion, Accell 8.8MM Wires, ACDelco Rapid Fire plugs, Aluiminum Oil Pan, Accell Cap and Rotor, Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil. 5-Speed. Center Force Dual Friction 11 inch Clutch, Hurst Short Throw shifter.
    Baja Altenator. Big Monster 5in. Tach MSD Ignition. Brand New Engine Wiring Harness, and Dash Harness. Torsion Bar lowered in the front. 3 Inch blocks in the rear. Edlebrock TES Headers, March power pullies, New Rotors, Pads, Brake Hoses, Calpiers, Wheel Cylinders, Drums and Shoes, CV Axels, Axel Seals with Synthetic Gear lube. 2.5 Inch STEEL Cowl Induction Hood. Headlight Bezles painted to match truck. Clear Side and Bumper lights. Altezza Clear Tailights. Sir Micheals Roll Pan. 94 S-10 Blazer Power Bucket seats. 92 S-10 Blazewr back seat. Brand New ACC Full Graphite Carpet Billet Grille. Carbon Fiber looka like sport mirrors. 98 S-10 Overhead center console. 98 S-10 Center console custom fit. Bahama Blue 2-stage paint with Met. Silver Stripes with Peral Clear Coat. Grant GT Charcoal Grey Steering Wheel. ASA 16 Inch Rims with Firestone SS20 245/50R16 tires.
    *1988 GMC S-15 Jimmy Tuned Port Injection 350 V8 5-Speed
    * 1997 S10 ZQ8 stepside Vortec 350 with NV3500

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    V8 TPI 5 Speed Xtreme88Jimmy's Avatar
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    Oaks, PA

    Almost forgot

    Forgot to metion that It is my Daily Driver with 197.000 Miles on it and plan to put on 197,000 more on it.

    thankz for reading

    Tim Casey
    *1988 GMC S-15 Jimmy Tuned Port Injection 350 V8 5-Speed
    * 1997 S10 ZQ8 stepside Vortec 350 with NV3500

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