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Thread: Upper Control Arm Bushing

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    Upper Control Arm Bushing

    I need to replace the bushing in my upper control arm. Do they have to be pressed? Do you all recommended having a mechenic change them. thanks

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    Take it to a machine shop or a implement dealer, anywhere that would have a press. They do have to be pressed out and then the new ones have to be pressed in. You can do it yourself, but it's soooooooooooooooooo easier to just have somebody do it with a press.

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    if you replaceing the rubber factory ones withe urathane you can due it your self like otter said just a matter if you wanna take the time or not.

    if you due do it, just burn the rubber ones out. you will most likely have to reuse the metal bushing. the you can push the new ones in if you have a vice.
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    i have heard another way is to... put all your new parts in the freezer,like overnight, then heat up your control arm.... and drop the cold bushings in and tap on them with a hammer till they are in there.(never done it but i heard its just alot easier to put them in that way)...
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