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Thread: 2.8l v-6

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    NO not even close. The 2.8 dosn't have enough displacment to sound like a V8 on duels. The closest is a singel exhaust split at the rear. But it will be higher (pitch that is).
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    well I know it's not going to sound anything like a V8 on duals. What I meant was if it was gonna sound like maybe a mild built V8 with only one flowmaster added to the exhaust. I bought a flowmaster for my moms Expedition, and that shit sound real good. I just wanted to know if I can get the same type of sound that the Expedition has, but I guess not.
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    i will tell you this. i use a dynomax muffler on my blazer. it sounds like a v8 idling b/c of the cam. that is what the guys tell me at work.i would go ahead and try the flowmaster with the headers. it should sound good together. they may be able to tell it is v6 when getting on it.

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