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Thread: Exhaust System Question???

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    Exhaust System Question???

    Anyone have a 2nd Gen, 2DR 2WD Blazer with pics of their exhaust???

    I was looking at a Flowmaster setup and want to get duals, as in one on each side, not 2 on one side, but the grease monkey told me you can't do that on mine cause the Gas tanks in the way...

    I want to get something that looks cool as well as sounds cool..

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    BS!!! that is true for a FIRST generation s10 blazer, not a SECOND gen.

    On the first gen, the tank is were your spare is or can be. All you would need to do is put the spare inside, or chunk it. but I dout you'll keep it.

    For legal exhaust, and what I suggest is that you run 2.5" pipe to a Hi. flow cat and gibson muffler(trust me it sounds good on the 4.3) but if you wany duels just "Y" it off from the muffler and split it. changing to 2.25" pipes. run both pipes side by side till you pass the rear axle the turn the other towards the other side then back again... add chrome tips and waalaa...

    Now if you wanted as close to true duels on it. both pipes will need to run on the passenger side and then apart from each other after the rear again. Both can be done. I don't suggest true duels on any V6, it just isn't worth it and dosn't sound as good as single exhaust "Y" off or not. But thats you choise. If you have any other Q's Let me know
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