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Thread: 5/6 Drop

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    Originally posted by chlnlow
    did u do it up on jack stands and just layed underneath??
    I suppose I should have mentioned the axle was out of the truck at the time and the box was off.....
    It was on stands and I sat where the axle would have been.

    Wouldn't be much different to do from the "outside" with the axle still in the truck.

    lowlife: get those pics developed. I wanna see!;)

    Something that no one has mentioned yet as far as a drawback to driving with your axle on the frame:
    You hit hard enough, often enough and I guarantee you will be replacing axle bearings.
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    Originally posted by Blazin Low
    I keep mine nice and lubed with anti-sieze and it helps out alot...

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    I will have a pic posted by next week, im broke as hell right now, so ill get the pics developed before the weekend is over, but for some reason the front drivers side is about a 1/4 inch higher than the other side. You cant really notice it, but i can. Can anyone help???

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    c'mon lowlife lets see those pics! the only thing i can suggest is that you go to get your truck aligned.
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