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Thread: User submitted how to's (updated 10/02/07)

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    User submitted how to's (updated 10/02/07)

    ok so untill mike adds them to the tech section this will be there temporary home.... feel free to PM me more if i missed any or if any new ones were created...

    How to make and install your own fillers.

    Restore your weathered plastic

    Wiring for blower motor when removing AC

    Bolt-in Notch Installation Procedure

    How to make a roll pan for 2nd gen blazer

    Sunroof how to

    Suicide doors

    Torsion bar trick

    2nd gen front end conversion

    caddies on an s10

    cali combo on a s10

    1st Gen Suicide Hood

    Drum brake rear to a disc

    Flip your tailgate handle:

    Factory fog light switch with non factory fog lamps:

    Broken Hazard Switch Repair

    Column to floor shifter conversion on 2nd gen:

    Hood Air Struts

    CPI Cold Air Intake

    Analog to digital conversion:

    Make Your Own Audiophile Quality RCA Patch Cables

    Turn Signal Switch Repair
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