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Thread: knock sensor?

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    knock sensor?

    i recently replaced my engine in my o2 extreme blazer and i have plug in dehind the distributor that is not hooked up the servise engine soon light is on and the code says knock sensor does any onne know where that plugs into cause i cant find it

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    is it on the end of a wire or on the dis itself?
    the knock sensor should be on the lower part of the motor on the left if your looking from the front

    I have to plug ins on the rear of my dis but I have a 96 so it could be different check the dis itself.

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    On my 96 the knock sensor was on the back of the engine, just where you described you saw the plug that didnt go to anything.. With the code going on, that about verifies it...

    When i pulled my V6, the knock sensor was on the BACK of the engine, behind the valve cover on the drivers side. Its going to be a pain to get back there...

    But thats what it is, might hae to move other things out of the way, but the knock sensor is there, believe me... Its sitting on the edge of the engine block almost next to the transmission...
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    Depending, the #2 knock sensor will eithbe on the passenger side of the block below and between cylinder 4 and 6 or on the back of the passenger side head against the firewall. The #1 knock sensor is on the driver's side block between and below cylinder 3 and 5
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    wow ... i need a new knock sensor in my blazer and i work at a auto repair shop and i haven't been able to find it. even my computer(shopkey by snap on) can't describe where it is good enough for me to find it but thanks ill look on the back of the block.

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