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Thread: So you want to run nitrogen with your bags?

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    Post So you want to run nitrogen with your bags?

    Heres a summary on istalling nitrogen into your existing air supply system.

    Nitrogen is a naturally occuring gas that makes up about 78% of the earths atmosphere. It is colorless and odorless, it is an inert gas meaning it is not flamable, and it depletes moisture in compressed form. Nitrogen also has a relatively flat line of thermal expantion, wich means it will not inflare or deflate its container no matter what the temperature of the gas is. All of these cahracteristics make it perfect for running in an air suspention.

    What you will need to install it onto your existing system is a bottle of nitrogen, a nitrogen regulator, a high pressure line, some fittings, and bottle brackets.

    There are many different sizes of nitrogen bottles you can put into your bed. The one I like using is what is known as a "K" bottle. It is actually a 255 cu ft bottle wich is at a pressure of 2100psi. The k bottle is just tall enougn to fit sideways in the s10 bed. There are also 118 cu ft, 80, 40, and 20. All bottles will be at 2100psi. Bottles are generally leased to you for a set time, and you pay to have it refilled as you go. Prices vary from store to store.

    A regulator is a device that regulates the 2100psi down to a desired working pressure. You will need a regulator that can handle the 2100psi on the bottle side, and can put out the pressure you desire on the working side. For this I use the Harris #3000606 N2 Regulator. It has a working pressure setting of 0-500 psi. It costs around $90 at a local welding supply store.

    You will also need to have a way for the nitrogen to go from the regulator to your existing holding tank. For this I either would use a stainless steel braided line, or a high pressure braided airline. No you should not run your DOT plastic line. The SS line usually runs about $10 ft, and the braised airline is about $5 ft.

    Of course you need fittings to connect everything, and how many/ wich ones needed will vary with your setup.

    Bottle brackets-
    Also needed if a way to securely mount the bottle. You will not want the nitrogen bottle loose in your bed, the bottle is basicly a bomb if struck with considerable force. For this most people will either build or buy a set of brackets. Brackets usually run anywhere from $30- $100.

    Basicly what this setup will do is allow you to increase the pressure of your tank. The regulator will allow you to have the pressure anywhere from 5psi to 500psi ( if there is no pressure switch to tell the compressor to kick on at a certain psi) It will also save you from having to run your compressor for long periods of time while playing, therefore increasing playtime.
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