Hey guys

Just joined here.....long timer over at SyTy, SSF, etc. Been lurking.

This is an interesting post and what brought me to register. I have recently made the investment for doing vacuum infusion composites manufacturing. I've actually had to take on a second job to finance all of the equipment I've been gathering. The reason I do this is because of the lack of sourcing for the Syclone and Typhoon replacement pieces and if you DO source them......the outrageous prices for them. I had the same approach when it came to Datamaster cables. I was able to sell them for a fraction of what the going price was for the same features. I've been working on replacement cladding, and everyone talking about the Typhoon body kits.......something to consider:

You have a lot of mounting hardware which would have to be added to your 1st gens for the cladding to mount to. This could significantly increase the price if someone wanted to come out with it.

Once I get all of the 14 pieces molded and all the bugs worked out, I am going to explore the option of how to mount these to a standard S-Series. The reason behind this is because I want to build a TTV8 Blazer Typhoon clone when I finish building my Ty. I'm still a ways out, but I'd be happy to keep updates of my progress. I am being very careful because I would really like to not trash my cladding in the molding process, so this isn't anything I am rush through and may take some time. I'm currently experimenting with different reinforcements, resins, vacuum settings, flow media, etc. It's certainly a learning process and much different than a wet-layup manufacture.

My main focus is actually to explore the carbon fiber process because I want carbon fiber cladding. It's worth it to me to make the investment of thousands in the equipment even if I only make a set for myself rather than to pay $6k+ for someone else to make it for me.

I've been working with some engineers in the composites manufacturing industry, including people in aerospace (local outfit here in AZ), hobbyist (currently work for a company that is involved in the R/C industry), as well as car audio (I worked many years in this industry and even one of the engineers that I work with now worked on Alma Gate's original Bronco for you car audio fans). I want to do this right. I am by no means an expert, but hopefully through trial and error, along with the guidance, I should be able to pull this off. :)

So if anyone is local to the Phoenix area that would be willing to have me check out their S-Series, I'd be glad to take some PM's from people and possibly use them as a guinea pig for this project.