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Thread: Newbie questions lowering a 4x4

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    Newbie questions lowering a 4x4


    I'm new here. My brother just got a 97 2door 4x4 Blazer LS, 5 speed. Since he is used to driving my old school BMW, he wants a similar ride, tight and low.

    I'm reading a lot of info here, but i'm still really confused.

    Lowering the front:

    What are the different ways of lowering the front of a 4x4? what are the differences? whats better whats worse?

    I completely took out the adjuster screws for the torsion bars, i didn't do anything else. took me 2 minutes. Can I leave it like that? or do I have to pull the keys and install them upside down?
    i read the directions, but I'm having trouble understanding, I'm new to this, Is there a procedure with pics somewhere?
    I'm going to take out the bump stops. One side sits a little lower than the other. I think the bump stop is holding one side up. should i put the adjuster screws back in to even the front

    I have not done anything to the rear, I am debating if I should get drop leafs or drop blocks, or do something to the stock springs to make the rear lower. Once again, what are the differences? whats better whats worse?

    For $h*ts & giggles, my buddy threw on a set of 18" BMW wheels from a late 90's 3 series, the fit pretty good and they have been on the truck since last friday. the bolt pattern is 5x120mm which is 5x4.724" not exactly 4.75" but pretty close. I think I'm going to keep them. I will buy bigger tires and I will have to cut an inch of the stud that sticks out of the front wheels that hold the hub nut. doesn't look like it will effect anything.
    What do you guys think????

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    I learned a lot in that thread. I gather that I am ok with no adjutment bolts in. One guy recommended getting the bell tech keys since he was having problems, but I think he wanted to go a little lower than the bolts being out and not as low as turning them up side down. I took a good look and found some pics of lowering keys. I gather that the position of the hex is off compared to the stock ones and lets you lower it more. so having no bolts in is pretty much the same as having the bell tech keys with the bolts in adjusted to some point.All I will do now is take the bump stops out. thats probably why one side is higher than the other, one of the bumps stops might be newer or better than the other keeping one side of the truck up. I think I'm done with the front.

    I have a question for people that have only played with the adjusment bolts. Do the bolts end up pretty much in the same place when the nose is level?? right now my front end looks level, but one bolt is completely out and the other is about half way in.
    Like I said before i think that is due to the bumps stops.

    The only thing left now is the rear. How should i lower the rear? and do I need to worry about the angle of the diff / driveshaft?
    I'm looking for a 3" drop fror the rear.

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    hey i have a 95 jimmy 4x4 took bolts out bump stops out 3 in blacks out back took out middle leaf out of the stock leaf pack cut bump stop brakets off and her is a pick of what it looks like now
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