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Thread: Is it possible to run staggard tire sizes on a 4x4

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    Is it possible to run staggard tire sizes on a 4x4

    Can I run bigger tires in the rear and still use the 4x4??
    will it screw anything up?

    like for example a corvette set up

    the rear is 285 40 18

    and the front is 245 45 17

    there is a 2.4" difference in overall height, thats a pretty big differnce, so the rear is rolling at a different ratio than the front.
    will this hurt the 4x4 system?

    and what if there was an even bigger difference in tire height, lets say 4" , will it mess up anything?

    also another thing to consider is that i have a 97 with electronic / push button 4x4 switches on the dash.

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    Don't do it keep the tires the same size front to back you will screw it up bigtime with different sizes. A corvette doesn't matter its 2wd the front has no drive axle.
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    Also your ABS unit will keep going off do to the different rotation speeds.... Always run matched tires on a 4x4... Another issue is if you switch it to 4wd with different size rtires, you run the risk of blowing your transfer case apart because the front and rear won't be running at the same speed.
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    just to add, your not even supposed to run different tread designs, front to back or across an axle on 4wd, and theres supposed to be less then 2/32 difference btw all of the tires:bigthumb:
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    depends on what you mean on bigger tire. i run diffrent size front and back on my syclone. im have 275/40/15 up front. 315/35/17 in the rear. the tire size as far as height are a cunt hair off. which is fine. you can how ever have wider out back if you want. as long as the height is the same. my rims are 17x9.5 front 17x11 rear
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    yeah, you have a little leaway, i cant remember what but gm give a set tolerance.

    i ran 245/45/17 and 235/40/17 or somthing like that when i still had 4wd hooked up.

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