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Thread: 355 Exhaust

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    Originally posted by lycan
    money appearing in my bank account... Etc
    I hear those old guys that used to pimp u out finally let u in on some of the cut.....................


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    Originally posted by lycan
    Finally got my computer back up and running. I spent about 18 hours trying to get the windows installation to boot up and work, but couldn't get it. Just ended up doing a fresh install on a different drive then copying my /documents and settings folder/ over. Only thing I'm lacking is my custom emoticons in MSN. I'll have to manually put them back in... Sucks.

    goddayum, not only are you slow with cars but your slow with computers too.

    :p: j/p

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    I think you just like to see your name on the screen....
    You dont grow out of have it for life.
    Build 'em light and wind 'em tight!!
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