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Thread: Downside to flipping the breather..

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    Downside to flipping the breather..

    Well I took every ones advice I flipped my air breather. Yes! I got better response. But..... I live down a dirt lane *heres the bad thing* Well Im in the national guard and Saturday morning I went to start my truck and it wouldnt stay running. Right away I knew it was gas. I pop'd the hood to find dirt all over the breather. Took it and and the carborater is all gummed up! So i was 3 hours late from cleaning the carborater then It ran like shit now. So basiacally flipping was a bad idea for me. I cleaned up the carborater and now its running better but Im sure its still full of dirt! Flipping it was nice but be carefull!
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    If all that dirt went right through your filter, then flipping it wasn't the problem. Your filter is fucked! Flipping the breather LID just might get your filter dirty quicker, but if you've got a K&N, just clean it and re-oil it.
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