ok so i was going to do a smallblock, i even bought a 350, but after a friend of mine offered to do the machine work for me and walk me through the rebuild (first time for me), i decided to go with a mild 4.3. the motor will be bored .030 over, with 10:1 pistons and a comp emissions legal cam kit (with the matching valvesprings, lifters, and new timing chain). the heads and manifold will be port matched and polished as well all this will leave through full length headers and a set of either 2" or 2.5 true duals, or a 2.5" single (i think 3" would just look ugly.

Ignition and fuel injection are kind of up in the air yet. the truck is a 94 with the vortec CPI. The spider injector was replaced within the last 10,000 miles. i would like to stay with this fuel injection as it will retain a completely stock (besides exhaust) external appearance (for ease of maintenance, its a daily driver).

I am concerned that this will not be able to keep up with the new internals, i figured a chip would probably help greatly but was unable to find one for the CPI motor in a car with OBDI.

does anyone know where i could find a chip for this motor, or if the stock fuel injection will work. or maybe i should revert to a TBI setup?