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Thread: External Oil Cooler or Remote Mounted Oil Filter????

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    Exclamation External Oil Cooler or Remote Mounted Oil Filter????

    Does my engine (for a 2004 Chevy S-Series Blazer Xtreme) use an external oil cooler or a remote mounted oil filter???

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    most of those trucks ..depending on your eng ...have a remote filter and run oil lines through your rad ..
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    As far as I know all the extremes are 2wd and have an engine mounted oil filter and no external oil cooler. I could be wrong though but it will only take you 30 seconds to look under you truck and see if the oil filter is there.
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    External oil cooler is radiator. I dont know about newer 4.3's, but mine has oil lines running from the block, just above the oil filter, to the radiator, therefore using both, external cooler and remote mounted oil filter. Just climb underneath and look for 2 lines around your filter which should lead to your radiator. Or just look for two lines on your radiator on the right side. The left side lines are for transmission.

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