Im lookin to drop my 89 2wd Blazer 5" in the front and 5-5 1/2 in the back. And I was wondering how big of rims(I dont want to go over 18") And what size tire would be good on a 17 or 18" rim. And what offset would I have to use to get it to sit in the wheelwell right and look nice. Any help/suggestions would be nice.


And what other stock 16" wheels will work on the Blaze. I know Camaro,Extreme is there any you guys can think of right off hand? Cause it has the ugly 15" stock wheels. And while its in the works b4 the nice rims I want some 16" cause my dad owns a tire shop and I can get a ton of 225-60-16 tires for free. To run on there till I get everything ready for the nice rims.

THANX again Louis