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Thread: Oh i want it

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    Cool Oh i want it

    This spring/summer i want to drop a v8 in my 02 blazer xtreme.

    Who all has done this if any?

    What would you guys recommend?


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    Quite a few have done the v8 swap. There's even a V8 conversion section you somehow managed to miss! :rolleyes:.
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    Update:My avalanche was totaled by my ex-gf. My business is in ruins. I now plan on finishing the engine repairs to my Saturn, and sell it. Once I get the bills paid off, I'm going to fix my Blazer.
    History:I bought a 2001 saturn sc2, then a 2005 avanche 1500 2wd, then a '87 S10 blazer 2dr 2wd on 07/24/2010, and on 04/01/2011 a '84 s10 blazer 2dr 2wd V8 drag racer(sort of)

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    do take into consideration a V8 is a considerable undertaking! Some of the guys on here make it sound like a cake walk, but thats because theyve been working on cars since they were kids and now are in their 30s and 40s with good tools and a nice area to work...

    But not the get your hopes down! It takes planning, research, and most of all money... Theres a thread in the V8 conversion area that ive been posting pics of my 96 in and answering questions...

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    naaah... i did my V8 swap in my blaze when I was 16 in my backyard in a make shift lean to in december :D

    just make sure you got a budget.... cause it gets costly

    2/2 drop
    dual flowmaster 40 series
    358 small block/turbo 350 /2500 stall
    holley carb/oil pump/gas pump
    edelbrock intake
    headman headers
    Accel dist/aurora wires
    2 12 inch JL audio subs
    500 rms kenwood amp
    93 front end/induction hood
    15 inch american eagle rims
    Shaved roof rack, Steel Roll Pan
    Sport mirrors

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    Don't forget patients. And why a budget? Because all the beer adds up and you need to make sure you have money to go to the store to get more. :D

    V-8 Swap

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