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Thread: 791 bypass module wiring

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    791 bypass module wiring

    Installing a remote starter in my 2002 trailblazer, I put the bypass GM-9 Harness in and would like to know about putting the 791 bypass module in. I all ready got the wire hooked up except the blue one which i am having trouble finding out where it goes. They are pretty vague about the passlock II system. Can any one help me?
    jim fryman

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    where does it say the blue wire goes?
    try to check out they should have a wire diagram for your truck.
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    Man I need to get paid for this shit!

    12volts red (x2) + ignition harness
    Starter yellow + ignition harness
    Second Starter N/A
    Ignition pink + ignition harness
    Second Ignition white + ignition harness
    Third Ignition N/A
    Accessory orange + ignition harness
    Second Accessory brown + ignition harness
    Keysense lt. green - ignition harness
    Power Lock use 457G or 455G module
    Notes: If Directed module 457G or 455G is not available, refer to DirectFax document 1053.
    Power Unlock see power lock
    Lock Motor gray driver door module in door
    Unlock Motor tan driver door module in door
    Parking Lights+ brown driver kick panel
    Parking Lights- gray/black headlight switch
    Turn Signal(L)
    Turn Signal(R)
    Reverse Light lt. green + fuse box under rear seat
    Door Trigger gray/black + underdash light
    Notes: To avoid dome light delay, use the separate door trigger wires. The LF door is gray/black (-) at the driver door module in the door. The RF door is black/white (-) at the passenger door module in the door. The LR door is lt. blue/black (-), and the RR door is lt. green/black (-). The rear door trigger wires are at the fuse box under the left rear seat. Use all four wires and diode isolate each.
    Dome Supervision comes on with disarm
    Trunk/Hatch Pin common with door trigger wire
    Notes: To avoid dome light delay, use the separate trigger wires at the liftgate module in the liftgate. The liftgate is pink/black (-), and the glass hatch is purple (-). Use both wires and diode isolate each.
    Hood Pin pink/black - pin switch or BCM
    Trunk/Hatch Release
    Power Sliding Door N/A
    Factory Alarm Arm
    Factory Alarm Disarm lt. green - driver door module in door
    Disarm No Unlock
    Tachometer white blue plug, pin 49 @ PCM
    Notes: The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is on the driver side of the motor.
    Wait to start
    Brake Wire white + brake pedal switch
    Parking Brake
    Horn Trigger black or black/yellow - steering column
    Memory Seat 1
    Memory Seat 2
    Memory Seat 3
    Interface Module: Category:
    Immobilizer Bypass Required:
    Yes Type:
    Passlock II
    Part #: 556LW
    Alternate Part1 #: 555LW
    Alternate Part2 #: 555T
    Alternate Part3 #: DesignTech 20402
    Alternate Part4 #: DesignTech 29402
    Notes: Not required if using the combo interface module.
    Interface Module: Category:
    Door Lock Interface Required:
    Yes Type:
    Data Bus
    Part #: 455G
    Notes: Not required if using the combo interface module.
    Interface Module: Category:
    Combo Interface Required:
    Yes Type:
    Data Bus
    Part #: 457GW
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