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Thread: engine dreams

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    engine dreams

    i just finished completing the body work and mods on my 93 4dr 2wd blazer 100%..... THe interior 50% and im still thinking of ideas... i was about to order the 4/6 drop for it the other day, when i was thinking about my new engine plans, and began to wonder if i should see how it sits after my engine mods or swap is complete as far as the weight of and eight would be on my front suspension becasue i want it to sit level when complete....
    When coming up with some ideas here is what i thought.....
    please feel free to leave any comments regarding your opinions and most importantly if these ideas are even possible being im more of a body man than an engine man....
    -the first was a 350 tbi that would replace the 4.3 vortech
    -the second would be to supercharge the 4.3 and have it rebuilt
    -the third would be to turbo and put and intercooler on the rebuilt three
    -i would want to put the intercooler on a top mount set up similar to a wrx.... (dunno if its possible) and i would later mold a wrx scoop into the hood.....

    if anyone has seen this or even better, done this, please let me know... thank you...
    i would love to see some pics

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    On my (4x4) the front stayed the same, the back seems to be a little lower now from being torqued so much i guess. Those belltechs arent too strong.

    89' S10 blazer 4wd: 355, 650 dp, rpm intake, comp 282 roller cam, modified vortecs, T56 Six speed, 8.8 ls rear, headers, x-pipe, spintech pro street mufflers, and......AC

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