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Thread: 1st gen and 2nd gen

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    Question 1st gen and 2nd gen

    AIM is selling the same springs and spindle for 1st and second gen trucks? Wouldnt this work then for both?

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    Like I said in you other thread.
    -S10 pickup
    -S10 Blazer
    -Extended cab
    -Lond bed
    -4 door
    -2 Door

    ALL S10 BLAZER AND TRUCKS HAVE THE SAME SUSPENSION FROM 1982-2002. they have VERY and i mean VERY lil differences. I have 95 spindals off a S-10 pickup on my 1988 Blazer. I had to grind on mine but ONLY after I added 2" springs up front. TRUST ME GUYS, they are the same. the only difference from 1st and 2nd gen. is from the BODY MOUNTS UP.
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