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    Look to lower front

    Updated the pics, sorry guys.

    Well, people keep asking and cant seem to find the 20+ post with the info in it so ill just put some of it up in a single thread.

    Here is 1 option to lower the front 1-6 inches (or so)

    First off, to mess with the crossmember, on certain years you will have to cut out a section of the shield around the crossmember to get access. Dont worry about hacking a square out of it, not for structual integrity. To get a 5 inch drop, drill the new hole about 1/2 inch above the lip of the crossmember. After you put a GRADE 8 bolt through the new hole, let the truck down. Which ever side is higher, grind a hair off the hole on that side. You can use the adjuster bolt you took out, its perfect lenght, or you can get a 1/2 bolt or so to use. If you want to make it adjustable, get creative. Make the hole big enough to allow the block to set in to allow for factory adjustment (may not be able to get 5in.)Or you could weld the adjuster block underneath the crossmember and put a longer bolt in. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with or can think up, but the most simplest is drilling a single hole and putting a bolt through it.

    Looking at it now it sure doesnt look the best!! lol
    I took a torch to that big ass shield a while back when i had my truck on the lift to get more clearance/weight reduction. i think 88 + or somthing like that have them??

    View from underside - (not sure what that little square is cut out of the crossmember)

    Front, pass side -

    Rear pass side -

    Another front side shot
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