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    the block that i got from a buddy of mine. was from 69 camaro that was the same block that they used for the 302,327,350

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    Originally posted by oldcarguy85
    we are talking bout the v8 302. incredibly rare i believe it was in fact only from 68-69 or somethign like that. very high revving. built to compete in circle track racign or someting. i believe it was rated near 280hp from factory but made more like 400 (or so i hear)
    i think those numbers are close, but my memory aint too great....

    I watched a TV show on the old camaros. They said the chevy 302 v8's were made to compete with the mustangs like knudsonm said. They were limited to 302 cubic inches. They might have been factory rated at 280 hp, but they really had like 424-450 hp from factory. They also didn't redline till like 7500 rpm or so.
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    i think i saw the same thing as you ZZ4blazer because from what i know is the class they were competeing in had a limit of 305 Cubic Inches.
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    ok everybody i belive we now know the limit it 5.0 302-305 cui. anyway I also saw the program it came on either speedvision or the history channel.
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    Is COPO still used today by GM big shots, or did it dissapear just like the classic muscle cars did??
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    probably not, back in the day the people who ran those companies were gearheads it seems like its just a bunch of people trying to make a profit, but I'm sure there is some rare bastard cars running around somewhere......just look at GM's toybox.....
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