ok this is a how to do a 2wd frame swap. for all you 4wd blazer owners who want to convert to 2wd, you have some options. most applies to 1st and 2nd gens, however some thing might not apply for a 2nd gen.

all options to convert to a 2wd from a 4wd are as follows along with the common myths that people hear.

1. a 4wd blazer and s10 can be converted to a 2wd frame easily, everything bolts on.
2. s10 and blazer frames are not interchangable to use for a complete frame swap.
3. 2wd control arms will not i repeat not fit on 4wd frames.
difference shown here...


4. 2wd front clips from a s10 or blazer are the same suspension wise and mounting wise (from the front boyy mount forward)
5. another way to convert to 2wd is to take a front clip from a 2wd s10 or blazer and graft it on to your existing 4wd frame.

-Now with that aside this how to will cover a 2wd frame swap.

First you need to find a 2wd donor. a complete truck is more helpful, since you will have all the pieces u need to swap it, plus extra parts help every now and then.. lol.

Reasons why u want a complete donor versus just a frame is this:
1. you will need to use a 2wd trans since the tailshafts on a 2wd are longer and a 4wds tailshaft accepts a transfer case not a driveshaft. You can however have a 2wd tail shaft put into your 4wd trans, but that involves complete dissassmebly and a longer shaft and housing to be added to the trans, way to invloved and pretty much beyond any do it yourselfer, a transmisson shop would be able to handle this though. Also a 2wd drive drive shaft has to be used, the 4wd is way way to short.

2. You need to use a 2wd oil pan and oil sump pick up. the 2wd pan will and i repeat will not fit between the crossmember. also you need a 2wd dip stick, they are about an inch different, and will not read you oil level correctly if u use the 4wd one.

3. Fuel lines are different on a 2wd frame. On a 4wd they run along the frame and then turn right at the control arm and then follow there way up to the throttle body, however on a 2wd they run thought the frame then sneak there way throught the assessory engine driven brackets then up to the throttlebody.

4. If you want to remove the remote oil filter, you need a small nipple that threads into the block and then the oil filter will screw into that.

5. The exhaust is different, mainly the y pipe is different.

6. the rims are complety different

Ok now moving onto the disassembling of your donor. Remove the whole front clip (core support, fenders hood,radaitor). Disconnect the fuel lines and brake lines and plug them! You dont want fumes excaping or dirt gettin in them if you are going to uses them. Disconnect your trans kick down cable, heater core hoses,throttle cable, parking brake, wiring harness from the fire wall, and other misc wires that may run thought the fire wall in different spots, Dont forget the 02 sensor and the harness for the computer( you will need to disconnect it from inside the truck then feed the harness through its gromit) Disconnect the gas tank filler neck, and the plug at the back for the fuel pump. If you have a manual shifter for the trans u will need to remove the console and the boot plus the wiring.

Now you can remove the 8 body mounts holdin the body on. (10 if you count the rad support) once thats done check to make sure everyhting is disconnected, and you should be ready to remove the body

Removal of the body can be done many ways. You can get at least 5-6 friends and lift the body off (removing the doors and tailgate will reduece some weight plus the interior too). if you can get any friends you can use some jacks and some blocks of wood or some other type of material to jack the body up and get it high enough to roll the farem out.

Once you have succesfully rolled the chassis out you can rip into you 4wd truck. do the exact same thing as your donor in disassembly. once thats done you can transfer over your motor and trans, and whatever else such as gas tank.

Now that ur engine and trans is installed get ur buddys back to help u move the body or get back to the jacks and blocks of wood method. Roll the new chassis back under and set it down on the frame, make sure to get it pretty close to where the body mounts are. Once you have it set down, get underneath and line up the holes for the body mounts and put your bolts back in.

Then you can reinstall all ur wiring, lines front clip, and whatever else you took off in disassembly.

Finally some isssues you may run into which i did, if your going from a donor with abs to a truck with no abs you will need to remake the brake line to mate up with your stock proportiong valve. If you have a maunual 4x4 shifter, u will need to weld up the hole in the floor where the shifter was. Also you may run into speedometer pick up sensor probs... you may ned to run the chevy deal and get the correct pickup sensor.

Well there u have it from start to finish thats whats involved. Its not to hard and can be accomplised with no problem. Good luck and enjoy the life of a 2wd and slamm the fuck outta it! Or bag it!