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Thread: snapped a pic of an Xtreme blazer with 22's

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    yea i was just gunna say that. its prob a 2nd gen.

    there was a guy on here awhile ago with a 1st gen on 22s and it looks so bad with no drop. it was so ugly.

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    Originally posted by Jextel
    can you snap a pic of it for me? If its a 1st gen
    Yeah it's 2nd Gen, I think a 01 or 02.

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    Guess I could have went that route with mine but I would like to enjoy riding in my blazer when its done....not worrying about if that ladybug I ran over bent one of my wheels:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Sometimes going too extreme loses its practical value. Sheesh I think the $3700 I spent on wheels and tires for mine was enough...I can't imagine spending 550.00 a pop for fucking tires

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    the blazer on page 2, that was for sale in my area if im not mistaken, hes driven that shit around for a few months and decided to sell it, i think he did, that was a nice blazer....
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