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Thread: transmission shift points

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    transmission shift points

    when i bought my blazer it shifted around 4500 . i took it on a short 700 mile round trip and on the way back it started shifting around 6200. this is only when trying to get up to speed on the highway. took it to a trans shop and they said nothing is wrong with it. they said it shifts great. i just dont want to hurt the engine, over 6000 bothers me with the 4.3 and right now i cant afford for it to break. anyone got any ideas on what could have came loose or broke. im not one to trust a trans shop.

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    ehh your brave even taking it to 6000 once, there retards if they told you it was fine. go somewhere else.
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    can i add the vortec to this 4.3 if it didnt come with one?
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    Isn't the redline like 5000?

    That's crazy.

    Someone (at the shop) is smoking the crack-pipe.

    I hate taking my blazer past 3500. It just sounds so violent under the hood. :p:
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    I'm not certain if the 4l60E trannys have a TV cable/Valve or not, but if so I'd start there. It's located at the throttle linkage and there is a tab you can push to reset it. Push the tab, and have someone (with the engine off) in the car push the gas petal to the floor, this should adjust the TV valve to the proper setting and correct the shift problem... If not then it's in the valve body... Good luck.

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