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Thread: 4" bodydropped Blazer on 22/24 combo

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    Originally posted by EmptyPockets
    we are friends. i love you, not him. and you dont brag about stupid crap like this. And thirdly you now own the only xtreme I'd ever rock...once el guapos left us :bigthumb:
    That makes me a sad panda.:(

    Only thing 4 doors are good for is...1 car...

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    Originally posted by CDUBZ
    show wise ofcourse it is better in socal...but seeing stuff around town is a rareity, my brother went there for his honey moon a couple weeks ago and only saw a ranger with shaved tail lights, and a stock mini van with 18'' wires.
    Ahhh .. fuck the show scene ... rather shoot myself in the foot over n over then sit at a boring ass car show... Oh well, guess I can cruise n drag with myself .. haha ...
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    Originally posted by Slicker
    That makes me a sad panda.:(

    El Guapo's ride was what got me re-started (or should I say carried away lol)...well that and the static drops for my wife who is handicapped....I bought it for her on her B-day....It's actually her Blazer;) ...anyway,I told him(Guapo) when he sold it that I would do my best to continue his legacy.
    RIP my brother (your blazer that is).:(

    Remember Jace...your ever in the neighborhood. You can drive:bigthumb:
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    i must have missed it, what happend to guapo's blazer?

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    Originally posted by SoLoudItHtz
    i must have missed it, what happend to guapo's blazer?

    Jace sold his blazer...

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    i was in bakersfield a few months ago and there were a lot of trucks. some on hydros some on bags. a lot of full size chevys with rims and lowered some shaved... i found a little shop on the side of the road with an astro bodydropped on 26s, a mitsubisi pickup bodydropped then a couple old full sizes and one fullsize on semi bags that was lifted. idk how the truck scene is in the midwest but down there it was a lot bigger than up here in the nw. the guy at the shop also said bakersfield is like the truck scene capitol...
    it would be easier with more money.

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    DAMN I just read 6 pages & I don't get to see the ending result of this blazer........ Not very many bagged vehicles out uin West Virginia...... I wish I was around you guys where there are a bunch
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    Go visit s10forum, apparently thats where you will find progress now that airjohn picked up his ball and left us :(
    See if you can sift through 128 pages of "wow thats the baddest thing ever" and "that thing is the dumbest thing ever" and find some pics.

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    Anyone see the newest Minitruckin' magazine?? I knew this truck looked familiar...

    Great build. The truck looks awesome. :bigthumb:

    Originally posted by lowblazin94
    Plus they can't arrest you or get a DUI while you have a boner.

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