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Thread: Help me Drop my Blazer Sitting On 20's!

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    Help me Drop my Blazer Sitting On 20's!

    I was wondering how I go about this... I recently got in a crash and replaced all four tires and rims. I have 20" mega wheels, and toyo Proxes. In the crash my back left leaf spring got fucked so I have to replace both the backs. I was wondering how I'd go about droppin my blazer since I already have to get new leaf springs anyways... How much would this cost and how can I make it work without rubbing?

    Since the back left spring is an inch lower than the rest cuz of the crash, when I take tight left turns my tire hits the inside of the wheel well so how would I even go about lowering it if it already hits after an inch...?
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    Metal drop kits are all bolt on. Its like replacing it with a stock one. Took me about 8 hours with hand tools my very first time. I recommend you get the frame checked out for squareness though, the new leaf springs may not bolt up plus its for your own safety. In the back you can safely go as low as you want without rubbing with a rim with the correct backspacing

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