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Thread: 2001 jimmy engine

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    2001 jimmy engine

    Ok first off

    2001 jimmy 4.3 65,XXX miles

    I had to jump start my truck last night, I thought it died because of my system, or my amp having a constant power feed killing the batt.
    So i jumped my car got it going for a little bit than parked it and turned it off for the night. Woke up this morning and tryed to start it , it dident really want to start but i got it to start after a few trys.
    When she gets running she run's clean and purs like a kitten, But when i try to put it in gear the rpm's go wayyyy down than she shuts off. I saw that when she first starts up the volts are really low than after a few sec it goes right up to 14.X

    Do you think the batt just need a good charge, i looked at the battery and it has the green eye showing so the batt is good? Mabey it might jus be the alt?

    Sorry for the long post
    Any help would be great!

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    2001 jimmy

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    The green eye is deceiving lots of batteries will be no good but the green eye is still showing. Only way to check for sure is have it load tested.
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