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Thread: '96 'Burban 454

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    '96 'Burban 454

    I was looking at getting one and throwing it in. I know the BBC's are a bit harder because of size and all but I'm not really worried about that. Main thing was will I be able to use my 4L60E still? I just had a rebuilt one put in and it seems stupid to have to get another tranny. I think the 'Burbans also have 4L60E's. From what I understand the tranny is controlled by a computer, would it be the same computer that controls the engine? If so could/would I be able to splice in the engine harness for the 454 and still keep the tranny?
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    If this is your first swap, you are biting off an awful lot

    Are you trying to maintain the stock v6 transfer case, tranny, and run the stock front and rear axles with a 454 in front of it?

    I have been told that there is a v8 version of the 4wd 4l60E tranny, so your tranny may not be as strong as it could be ........ even though it may be a 4l60E.

    I would suspect most modern 454s should have the 4L80E just like most carbed 454s had the old T400s versus the T350's

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    Your truck is cpi correct? More than likely the 454 is tbi which means you will have to rewire your whole truck.

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