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Thread: What a coinsidence

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    What a coinsidence


    I was looking for v8's for my blaze.....and wow what a coinsidence :)
    4/4 drop(finally blazin low)

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    your link is messed up

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    Link works now I fixed it.
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    That engine in the picture isn't the same one advertised. The one advertised says, centerbolt valve covers.... take a peek at the pic.

    Also, 330hp.. Not to sure about that. Speed Pro FT pistons, guessing that's around 8.8:1 compression with those heads. They are stock heads (74cc combustion chambers) and that "special super high torque camshaft" is probably a stock replacement or something a tad larger (stock size or a tad larger are low duration = torque but no hp).

    I'd rate that for being about 280hp.
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    Yep, but you could have this for the same price:

    350CI/330 HP(Base) HO Engine with Iron Vortec Heads
    # 12486041

    This is a proven 330HP motor and goodwrench will tell you exactly what was on the engine during the dyno test such as 1 5/8" headers, open exhaust, demon carb...
    Plus you get a 12 month warranty from GM not from some guy on the internet.

    Our lowest priced crate engine.
    The 330 horsepower 350 HO doesn't sacrifice power or durability, it just pumps up the value. With its four bolt main block, nodular iron crankshaft, PM steel connecting rods and light but strong cast aluminum pistons,...
    Add to the strong foundation a pair of 64cc Vortec cast iron cylinder heads and a dual pattern camshaft with just a bit of a "lumpy" idle, and you've got the muscle car small block that you've been looking for.

    ... chrome valve covers and timing cover, ... The cylinder heads on this great little performer use 1.94" intake and 1.50" exhaust valves that are sprung with 1999 Corvette L3I valve springs. The 64cc chambers yield a healthy, but streetable 9.1 to 1 compression ratio. The cam is a modern dual pattern interpretation of the old '65 to '67 Corvette 327 cam. But with more lift and duration on the exhaust side, it does a better job of clearing exhaust from the combustion chamber.

    You'll have to buy an intake and distributer but that won't break the bank.

    And you can probably pick it up local without paying shipping charges.

    And the dipstick is on the passenger side.
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