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    Torque spec. from Blazin Low

    Originally posted by Blazin Low
    Camshaft sprocket: 20 ft. lb.
    Clutch pressure plate: 35 ft. lb.
    Connecting rod cap: 45 ft. lb.
    Crankcase front cover: 7 ft. lb.
    Cylinder head: 65 ft. lb.
    Distributor clamp: 20 ft. lb.
    Exhaust manifold: 20 ft. lb.
    Flywheel and Flexplate: 60 ft. lb.
    Flywheel housing: 30 ft. lb.
    Flywheel housing cover: 7 ft. lb.
    Intake manifold: 30 ft. lb.
    Main bearing cap: 70 ft. lb.
    Main bearing cap (outer, on a 4-bolt): 65 ft. lb.
    Oil filter: 25 ft. lb.
    Oil filter bypass valve: 7 ft. lb.
    Oil pan to crankcase (5/16 - 18): 13 ft. lb
    Oil pan to crankcase (1/2 - 20): 7 ft. lb.
    Oil pan drain plug: 20 ft. lb.
    Oil pump: 65 ft. lb.
    Oil pump cover: 7 ft. lb.
    Rocker arm cover: 4 ft. lb.
    Rocker arm stud: 50 ft. lb.
    Spark plug (5/8"): 15 ft. lb.
    Spark plug (13/16"): 22 ft. lb.
    Temp. sending unit: 20 ft. lb.
    Torsional damper: 60 ft. lb.
    Water outlet: 25 ft. lb.
    Water pump: 30 ft. lb.
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