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Thread: Problem need help....

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    Question Problem need help....

    Ok so driving my 1998 4x4 jimmy today with stock suspension.

    im noticing some clicking noise comming from the floor assuming its something with the axles a guy said prolly the cv axles.

    What are my options to fix or quik fix or just take care of it totally? i dont have any experience with 4x4 like this. thanks in advance! (also tryn to save money)

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    if its the cv shaft just replace it. like $80 for a new one with an $80 core charge at autozone.
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    If the rubber acordian popoid boot on the front drive axles ain't torn or leaking grease N E than check the rubber mounts where the torsion bar cross member bolts to the frame.
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    yeah, if they are clickin their too far gone, get some new ones.

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