wasabi yall? anywho, i have a couple of rears for sale in great shape.

1) 2WD s-10 rear, 3.? gear, (maybe a 3.08 or a little larger) drum brakes, fresh black paint! make offer

2) 7.5" camaro posi disc brake rear. lil dirty, needs a little cleaning up and rotors. askin $400 obo for that. gear is prob. a 3.08.

contact info: 609-706-4037 call me anytime
soulkidxxx@yahoo.com- email (of course)
Gainhed914 on AIM

need to sell FAST! so please make it happen, and i hope i can be of service to you all. i have also posted this exact thread in njtruckscene.com, so first come first serve. also i will try to hook it up with pics if i can dig a camera up so please be patient! thanks.