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Thread: 18's for First Gen 4x4.

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    Exclamation 18's for First Gen 4x4.

    well Ive been trying to find a set of decent rims for cheap. I work at Kal tire but in the warehouse so I cant do my research. I was wondering if u guys know of any nice looking 18's that I could find, it has a 3/3 drop on it also. The guy I talked to didnt know much but he said its hard to find wheels for the 4x4 offset and bolt pattern. anyone else know of other vehicles with the same offset and bolt pattern? My brother took a set of 20's that were on a jeep liberty and put them on his 02 jimmy and they worked, so im trying to find some rims! any help would be awesome.thanks.

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    this site has a bunch of wheels for the 4x4. might be a little pricey, but it gives you an idea of what you're lookin' at.
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