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Thread: mounting 4.3 rad

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    mounting 4.3 rad

    what did u guys use to mount ur 4.3 rad....i accidentally got rid of the old rubber mounts and now i need a way to mount it in the newly sliced and diced core support. i thought about bolting it on the top using chunks of old serpentine belts as rubber washers between bolts and nuts and just putting rubber hose ...or maybe that protective/insulative hose wrap used in home heating around the edges of the rest......

    what are your opinions / ideas?
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    well not sure about yours, but on mine its flush with the inside edge of the core support, so i just put a flat piece of steel plate around the border and that holdes it in.

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    i used the old rubber and some metal clips that were lying around to hold mine in.......the old belt or a inner-tube from a bicycle
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    My radiator was moved about half way into the core support and I used upper mounting brackets from a late 80's GM from the u-pull-it yard. I don't remember what model they are from. I can send a picture if you like. They are plastic with the rubber part and fit the 4.3 core just fine.

    I think I modified the same bracket for the lower mount, I'll have to look.

    PM me for a hi-res pic...
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    I did the same as superbee. I recessed mine into the core support, and it sits flush with the core now. so i made triangle pieces out of sheet metal and screwed them in each corner.
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    can i add the vortec to this 4.3 if it didnt come with one?
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