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Thread: blower box (heat, a/c) question ?? (modification)

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    blower box (heat, a/c) question ?? (modification)

    ok, i pulled the front coils and shock off my project blazer to see what was gonna have to be modified.
    my question is, can the blower box be modified to clear my 22's and still keep heat and a/c ?
    i know other items will have to be modified, but my first concern is the blower box.

    this is how low the front is, the left front bottoms out on the lower control arm and the right front hits the blower box before it bottoms out on the lower control arm.

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    can i ask u a question? how tall are ur 22's with the tires when they are sitting on the ground? and what size tire are u running?

    as far as th blower box i've seen people trim the bottoms out but it wont allow u that much room, if u wanna lay out on those ur probably gonna have to get a mojave or classic air underdash kit,


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