I decided this weekend that I am going to take the 305 that i took out of my camaro and put it in my s10 and just make it look nice and not really go for big horsepower just something more than the 2.2 and make it look better. I am going to run a carb motor on it, but what i am not sure about is how i will make my gauges work and all that or will I have to get new gauges and i am quite sure that after doing some searching around the site that my driveshaft isn't going to work either. So i found an ext cab 96 or 97 s10 with the 4.3, if i get the tranny out (700r4) and the driveshaft will they work in my truck at all or will i still need to get the driveshaft shortened? And going with a carb motor will i be able to run my gauges (speedo mostly) off this tranny since the wiring would be the same thing as in my truck or is it all computer controlled. My truck is a 95 2.2 ext. cab with the 5 speed.