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Thread: comp ?

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    comp ?

    well i was told "after i removed and trashed it" that you can turn the ac condincer in to a compressior, has any one done this?

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    not sure how you can change it because the a/c 134-R oils the compressor when it runs..........that would mean you could run it dry until it locks up...or run oil through your baggs..........if the search button still works i think this was covered some before

    Edit: as far as i know the S10 compressors will not work you need to find a york a/c compressor b/c lubrication is done via the splash sump system inside the compressor
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    It may work for a little while but it's no york. I rarley run EDC's anymore. The constant maint., belts, checking the oil, blowing head gaskets, Run an AZ or Viair and you will have reliable air.
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