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    body drop

    want to body drop my 01 2 door. what's the difference between channeling, stock floored and traditional? whats the hardest stuff to move and reposition? rather learn from others then make my own mistakes. cost? all labor done by me and a buddy. thanks

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    it all sucks..I promise :)

    A traditional body drop is where you cut the cab off the floor, and drop it down around the frame. Downsides are loss of head room, and big steps in the floor. In theory, it's quicker than the other methods, unless you're like me and take your sweet ass time with

    A stock floor body drop is a bit of a misnomer. It consists of either sectioning and reinforcing the stock frame, or building a new frame from the front clip back that sits lower than your factory frame did. In an S-10, this will net you a few inches, but you still need to mess with the tranny and driveshaft areas and the firewall, so the entire stock floor is not retained..but the seat position is, so you dont lose any head room. Unless you've got absolute faith in your fabrication skills, you might want to leave this one to sombody who's got some experience in chassis building.

    Channeling is where you cut the floor out for the frame rails and move the body mounts down, so the frame rails protrude up into the cab area. This is an older method, it's been around since the early days of rodding, and is alot more labor intensive than a traditional style body drop. I've never done one, so I cant give you much insight into the details....

    Im sure the other guys will chime in at some point, but that's the gist of it
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