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Thread: Finally found some...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlownAMC View Post
    un-surprisingly, you know what a douche smells like, awesome. I am a decent guy, and plenty of people like me, however i guess just not here. Win some and lose some i guess... btw. I am a douche because i made a truthful (so far as i know) claim about a friend of mine who used the part in question on this thread. In which, i got flamed about a ridiculous amount because i guess i misjudged the usefulness of the headers in the first place, wow. I guess when you come into a place like this, your either liked immediately, or not... kinda like high school, except with a bunch of older people... who'da thought.
    You're a douche because of the comments you made regarding BigJSP - unfounded and asinine. Thats when I chimed back into this thread.

    I dont care if your friend has a garage full of S-10's that hit Mach1, really I dont. You bashed another member, a member I happen to know and like.

    So, Blown AMC (A man's cock), go screw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superbee View Post
    LOL you need to learn that Mark is more full of shit than BlownAMC.:evil:
    i have to make up for my lack of cubic inches :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazin Low View Post
    You're a douche because of the comments you made regarding BigJSP - unfounded and asinine. Thats when I chimed back into this thread.

    I dont care if your friend has a garage full of S-10's that hit Mach1, really I dont. You bashed another member, a member I happen to know and like.

    So, Blown AMC (A man's cock), go screw!
    Big words! Hope you didn't over heat thinking up those, blazin up that dictionary. As for me being douche; wutever tickles your pickle. I have an opinion and will freely express however I feel, you don't like it? Tough shit princess. I didn't make a personal comment towards JSP so really get over that. It was more like a opinion that frankily you just really shouldn't care about. However, I'm asinine and unfounded, the one who keeps on egging on a quarrel that should have ended. Nice admin, doing your job!

    I'm gonna go ahead and do this, just so i don't have to defend myself anymore. I'll try and take heed to your critical criticism in the near future. While my opinion on the lack of necessity or time for me to work on a twin engine truck stands, as i have said in earlier posts that obviously no one cares to understand/comprehend; i respect your knowledge, will, and drive to build that truck, it is just not my cup of tea, as aren't alot of things. If you took that the wrong way my apologies. However with a kid surfing the forums pushing shit around like it wasn't meant to be, it isn't surprizing that some people react like this. Because it seems, from yalls reaction i am not the first. To you "ilovedouche" frankily you have the common sense and iq of a 12 year old. If you would like to carry on this bitch fest, you can send me a pm. As for me, i'm not posting here anymore, taking up to much time. Everyone, i look forward to gettin to know ya'll and hope this hasn't swayed you from giving me a chance.
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    BlownAMC...I really tried to be on your side for a little while there, untill the comments like

    Quote Originally Posted by BlownAMC View Post
    wow man fuck this forum, the only decent v8 swap on here sounds like it took forever to get right.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlownAMC View Post
    opinions vary. While the twin v8 truck is something to behold, not my cup of tea, just somebody who has alot of time on their hands and not enough life.
    I realize that you're only 20, and only want to build one car. Do you honestly thing that Big built all of those vehicles at once? Christ..the guy is twice your age, and has built a nice stable full of custom vehicles. Stating your opinion is great.....rember though, they're like assholes...everybody has one and all of them (except mine :) ) stink. How you deduced that Big has no life, is retired and has too much time and money on his hands is beyond me....pure ignorance as far as I can tell. If you had bothered to search around a bit, you would have seen how long it took him to get where he is. But hey, it's your opinion, and you're right, so why change it, right?

    As for the only one decent v-8 swap thing, I did mine in a couple months, and it's damn near spotless and no problems in 4 years, so you must not be talking about me, or any of the other countless swap trucks on this board.

    Bottom line...we've got no problem helping you...but for God's sake..choose your words carefully...
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    Originally posted by S/T Lover
    That post would have made more sense if you would have just pissed all over the screen and posted a screen shot of that.

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    jerry! Jerry! Jerry!!

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    I feel TonyLow and the crew coming back on this one..............................

    Blown if you want to stay and get good info on blazers and s10s this is a great site that is here for anyone who wants to take advantage of it.....but you have to take some shit talk along the way........i've been in a few myself and i'm still here, and wouldn't change it........learned alot here and i am still one knows everything they just know a little more than someone else

    you ask questions you get answers....some times there not what you want, but hey you asked them that means you need to be able to accept the answers and the shit that goes with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlownAMC View Post
    to much time.

    ha.. sorry that just really bothers me.
    that, and the infamous "your"/"you're" confusion...
    or the "their"/"they're"/"there" confusion

    sorry.. carry on
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