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Thread: All Wheel Drive 1st gen Blazer?

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    All Wheel Drive 1st gen Blazer?

    I was wondering if any one has converted a 4x4 1st generation blazer to all wheel drive by putting the Bravada or Typhoon transfer case in? I am interested in doing this to my blazer but I was wondering what all has to be changed. If any of you have experience in this I would appreciate your help. Thanks! :)


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    I've heard of it being done. You can use an AWD transfer case from an Astro, too, but you'd have to use the front diff. and driveshafts from a bravada/ty/sy. Or have them custom-made (mad $$$)

    I've always wanted to get a Blazer 4x4 (either 1st or 2nd gen), swap in a 350, and put in AWD. Or even a shortbed std. cab pickup for minimum weight. Imagine the camaros and mustangs thinking "how the hell did that truck just fly off the line with NO wheelspin?"
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    i was actually thinking about just that cuz my blazer is a 4x4
    if you think about it, if you put 400 horses through that front transfer case (stock one), the thing would probably shoot gears out all over the place.
    your best bet, is to pull that thing out and have it machined...even have new stuff fabricated
    cuz otherwise it just wont handle the stresses
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