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Thread: 1st gen SS brake lines on 2nd gen calipers

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    it was brought to my attention I haven't updated this thread with my rear drum to disc swap....anywho

    out with the old and in with the new

    did away with my bump stops

    I bought a new disc/disc proportioning valve instead of gutting the stock one

    I took me three days to do the swap, I could have had it done in one, but I needed more cutting wheels from the store and took a stop at that point on day one. Day two everything was installed and I found my junkyard calipers were ceased so day thress I bought a pair of rebuilt ones from Advance which have GM casting numbers and part numbers.

    if you scroll up and see 6speed's post about the e-brake that's how mine are hooked up and work great

    As for the rear, I went with SLP take off 3.42 gears (3.42 was stock in my blazer, and run good), SLP take off Zexel diff, solid pinion spacer, moser main bearing cap studs, and a Summit diff cover with cap supports, replaced all bearings, races, and seals. Every flexable brake hose is SS also.
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