I've got a slow leak on the pass. side of the block...it's dripping down from the motor mount. I was able to get my fingers in behind the manifold heat shield and it doesn't appear to be coming from the headgasket. The intake gaskets seem good to go also, so I think that pretty much limits the leak to the freeze plug.

From what I've read, this seems to be a common problem on the 4.3/5.7's. That being said, it's looking like I'll need to remove the mainifold, heat sheild, inner fender, and whee/tire to get some working room. My question is where exactly is the freeze plug...is it above the motor mount, or will I have to unbolt the mounts and jack the motor up to access it?

All help is appreciated.


BTW: It's a 95 (pre-dexcool) and the coolant isn't rusty at all.