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Thread: BLaZeR frame Pics...

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    umput it this way, when i had my blaze before i sold it to my bro here was my tint setup i was gonna do, its still getting it

    back window 20% (just to see out of it)
    back sides 2% over factory tint
    sides 2
    front 2 almost half way down
    35% all the way down

    cops dont even know its tinted, its excelent for the glare

    o yea on my friends truck same setup, we use to always flip this dude off(friend of ours) and make fun of him then one we relized you can even see a shadow in the truck its so dark, kinda wasted out time but thats the way to go
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    hey that sounds good.. i guess ill have to do that... i wudnt for sure how i was gonna do it.. i was just gonna wait till i got it goin to see bout it.. thanks for lettin me know how to do it right and it look good..

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